Terms and Conditions

Thank you for interest in becoming a member of UCode.com. We would appreciate if you would confirm the Terms and Conditions of Membership as per below:

  1. Membership gives you a limited rights license to use the UCode.com portal and participate in our education programs for as long as you are a member in good standing.
  2. Memberships are non-refundable and will auto-renew on an monthly basis. If you do not wish to auto-renew, please cancel prior to your renewal date.
  3. Memberships are non-transferable and are for one student only.
  4. UCode.com will be closed during bank holidays and professional development days. Check you Lab Calendar on the online.ucode.com portal.
  5. UCode.com reserves the rights to change fees if appropriate with an advanced notice of 3 months or more.
  6. We recognize the importance of your personal data and believe that it is our responsibility to properly protect it. We will not share it with any vendor without your express agreement.
  7. Intellectual Property theft is a crime. All Intellectual Property relating to UCode.com courses and programs (including its content, features, design, compilations and look-and-feel) belongs to UCode.com and its associated companies. Members are not permitted to adapt, alter, store, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmitted, modify, exploit, frame, mirror or hyperlink without our prior written permission. UCode.com will solely and exclusively own and be vested with all applicable rights (including the right to alter/ combine), title, interest and copyright in all of the results and proceeds of the Member’s participation (including intellectual property) and all components thereof for all purposes, regardless of usage. The above applies to any new rights or derivatives of such work.
  8. UCode.com reserves the rights to amend the above terms and conditions if appropriate with limited prior notice.