Code the Future
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The world is rapidly transforming. Children are becoming acquainted and even proficient with technology at younger and younger ages. The new E-Book from UCode is the introduction these children need to start implementing technology usefully and learning the skills to succeed in this new Digital Age.
Code the Future
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How Best to Prepare Your Child For the Future?

The next 20 years will bring tremendous change to our lives as our economy continues to shift to an Information Economy.

Students who can code and think computationally have the ability to think logically, think spatially and think creatively. They have the tools to analyze complex problems, and to learn experientially - skills that will be required in this 21st Century economy.

RoboFun Includes

Ten Sessions of 90 Minutes Duration Each
6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio
Weekday and Weekend Classes
One robot and computer per student
Two Guest Passes to Share the Fun

Nothing additional to purchase!

Future Proof Your Child

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with just the right balance of Fun!

Fundamental concepts in science and technology and cutting-edge technology such as robotics and computer programming. Designed specifically for young learners ages 6 to 8 years old. Students use the EV3 robot, a fun and creative way to motivate and teach young students.

Simple Structure & Schedule

RoboFun members can attend any ten classes over a 6 month period. Classes do not need to be taken sequentially, so there is no problem with “missing” a class. And, each RoboFun package comes with 2 guest passes to share the fun!

Computational Thinking builds

Ten Sessions of Problem-solving skills
Creative thinking abilities
Autonomy and confidence

Code in Python

Python instruction developed with faculty from leading universities using robots as a teaching platform.

Computational Thinking

Students deconstruct and analyze complex real world problems and in the process build a foundation of Computational Thinking skills.

Experiential Problem Solving

Students learn how to learn by engaging real world problems and devising appropriate solutions.

A Unique Learning Experience For Ages 9 to 16

Foundations For The Future

UCode's programs build strong computational skills. Students who learn to think computationally increase their ability to think logically and creatively.

Introduces Core STEM Concepts

Students are introduced to core concepts that are the foundation of science and programming. These include concepts in logic, math, programming concepts and elements of computer science.

No Prior Coding Experience Necessary

The initial Challenges are quite simple. However, as students progress the Challenges increase in difficulty ?requiring development of a student's coding skills and the integration of more advanced logic.

Low Floor High Ceiling Approach

Student's learning progress is measured weekly and the curriculum matched to the needs of the student.

Prepares Students For PythonPlus

RooFun is the pre-requisite to enter UCode's PythonPlus before the age of 9. It introduces all of the core concepts necessary to accel in UCode's advance programs.

And It is Fun!!

Students flourish at UCode. They learn how to think computationally, increase their ability to think logically, become better test-takers, better problem solvers and better students.

Parents testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, let the parents do the talking.

“Answers questions faster and smarter”

The instructors at UCode have inspired my child. He’s more active in learning. He asks - and answers questions - faster and smarter!

— Mother of a UCode Member aged 12

“Confident and comfortable in math className now”

My daughter is, amazingly, confident and comfortable in math className now. It’s the way UCode has been teaching her to solve problems.

— Mother of a UCode Member aged 10

“He’s become the go-to kid for coding and technology projects at his school”

My son’s teachers have been surprised to see him transform from an attentive but uninspired student, to someone who is proactive and high performing. He’s become the go-to kid for coding and technology projects at his school.

— Mother of a UCode Member aged 10

“He gets a great sense of accomplishment from solving a coding challenge”

Every time my son finishes a session at the UCode Lab, he can’t wait to show me the challenge he did. His mother and I don’t understand coding, but we do understand the great sense of accomplishment he gets from solving a coding challenge.

— Father of a UCode Member aged 9