STEM Ready And Fun Curriculum
Designed Specifically For Ages 6 To 8

Kids don’t learn to Code from a book. They learn by doing.

We immerse kids in real-world problems. They learn by digging into a Challenge and getting their hands dirty. By making mistakes and figuring things out.

Our world is changing faster than ever before. And our schools are not keeping up

So How Best To Prepare Our Children For a Future So Different Than Today?

Build creativity, problem solving, and the ability to continue learning in your Student. Creativity involves finding hidden patterns, making novel connections between unrelated ideas, and generating new solutions to old problems. And they are good skills to have for a future where intelligent machines will do most jobs cheaper and better than any person.

Learning To Code, One Challenge At a Time

We call these skills "Computational Thinking". This involves breaking down problems into their smallest, logical components, and building their solutions step by step.

UCode help students build their Computational Thinking skills by solving coding “Challenges” – tasks that their robot must complete. While the initial Challenges are quite simple, the Challenges become increasingly difficult furthering the development of students' abilities.

It’s an extremely rewarding and powerful approach to teaching coding, building problem solving skills and fostering creativity. And it is Fun!

Learn More About Computational Thinking

Why Coding? Why Now?

One Curriculum, Individually Tailored

We adapt our courses to the specific needs of each student using a method we call the "Low Floor, High Ceiling Approach". Student progress is reviewed weekly against a standard learning progression to see if they’re doing better or worse than average. Instructors then "level" the curriculum up or down to match the progress of the student, meeting them where they are.

Python - The Programming Language of Tomorrow

Students are introduced to Python, a programming language used by companies like Google or Facebook. Python is quite easy to read when compared to other programming languages which makes it extremely useful for beginners.

Developed In Partnership with Faculty from Leading Universities

A strong curriculum needs a strong foundation. We developed ours with help from faculty members at leading universities. Now in its fifth generation, it is the leading curriculum for teaching computational thinking and coding.


Get your child coded for success™

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Additional Information

What are the classes like?

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

What is your class size?

Class sizes are small. We typically have six students per class with a maximum of 8.

Is there homework? Grading?

Assessment is a fundamental principal at UCode and an area we focus on. There are quizzes, reviews and exercises to show mastery of the material. But no, we do not "grade".

What if I miss a class?

UCode's courses are tailored to a students needs and learning progression. If you miss a specific class you simply pick up where you left off.

Who are your Instructors?

Instructors are university students or graduates from leading universities including Stanford, UCLA, USC, etc. We train and work with our teachers to continue to develop their skills through professional development, best practices sharing, observation and feedback.

How do parents stay updated on progress?

Parents receive quarterly progress reports that indicate what students have done that week and have links to student projects.

What if my student has previous coding experience?

We will assess his/her level and structure their starting point in the course accordingly.

How much does a course cost?

We are a membership based program where you pay a monthly membership subscription of $99 for 4 classes a week of 60 minutes duration. You may "pause" your membership prior to the start of the next billing period and resume when convenient. In addition there is a annual membership fee that is pro-rated to the month that you join.

Do you have a trial class?

We do not have a trial class. We do offer a 30 Day low risk membership for $99.00.

What ages / grades are the classes for?

These classes are designed for students 6-8 years old. No prior coding experience is required. If you are outside this age range we have additional programs.

Is there anything to buy?

There is nothing additional to purchase.