What is the importance of introducing kids to robotics and coding at an early age?

Written by Alex Preiss on July 14, 2019

The most obvious benefiting factor in introducing children to code at an early age are the considerably greater employment opportunities they will gain later in life. Technically proficient workers are needed in almost every established modern business, whether they decide to enter the technology sector, retail, health or other. This trend is only becoming greater and programmers are currently in short supply.

Software is currently an area of huge employment growth and without a doubt the future of modern technology. Promoting STEM-based skills  (i.e Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from an early age has been proven to have many positive effects. STEM subjects help improve logical thinking, problem solving, and stimulate creativity. Interactive robotics packages such as Lego Mindstorms and the MakeBlock mBot provide a useful bridge to tie the world of programming and mechanics together, offering a hands-on approach to learning that is instantly gratifying. 

Students build their own learning pathways through robotics, and are offered an open platform to experiment and be creative. Through programming a physical device, students gain an important understanding of how STEM-based subjects link together. For teachers, a robotics curriculum naturally allows them to take an individualized approach to each student’s learning, helping to nurture their innate passions.

In addition, classroom-based robotics curriculums have shown to promote social skills and team-driven development. Children are inherently attracted to the field because it easily stimulates the imagination and associates programming with play.