What is the earliest age for Kids to Professionally Learn Coding/Programming?

Written by Ucode Research on August 27, 2019

As early as the age of 4, kids can learn the basic concepts of coding. Coding for children is generally taught using content and delivery platforms that are high interest, semi-challenging, and require creative input. Learning to code activates very similar areas in the brain as in learning a new language, and the earlier you start, the easier it will become. Due to the challenging nature of learning coding, It is often difficult to motivate kids to return to a challenge after failing for the first time. This is why visual-based software such as Scratch has been developed to aid kids in understanding the basics of programming. Software like this works by linking colored blocks of code to a function and rendering a result, informing the child of their grasp of the concept being illustrated.

Such programs usually have a visually appealing user interface, and are designed to keep a child’s interest. This software means that children with even the most basic level of comprehension can begin to use code in creative and constructive ways.

A child can potentially deliver industry standard software at any age. A famous example is Muhammad Hamza Shahzad, a British boy who competantly produces professional software at just 7 years old. There are numerous other cases where children of a very young ages have produced software that can be considered at an advanced level. It is evident that the younger a child starts to learn coding, the more tools they have to realise their creative goals in later life.


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