What’s the completion rate for online courses like Code Academy? Are they appropriate for kids?

Written by Ucode Research on September 11, 2019

The online learning platform code academy currently has a 28% pass rate. This trend is shared across many courses online that provide a similar service. Such courses assess users answers based on whether their solution works or not, and therefore can be quite challenging as answers are either right or wrong. Each challenge is often completely unique, and cheating and bluffing is nearly impossible. There are many online learning platforms for kids.

Courses such as Codecademy are primarily directed towards adults, who are usually more motivated to learn and continue when presented with challenges. Due to the challenging nature of coding, It is often difficult to motivate kids to return to a challenge after failing a challenge initially. For this reason it is often better to start a childs programming education on a platform that is dedicated to children learning.

Khan Academy for kids is directed at kids between ages two and six and teaches the basics of STEM-based subjects, using creative activities such as drawing and storytelling to convey programmatic concepts. Khan Academy provides online coding websites for kids that access to both a browser and app-based platform where children can learn about complex topics through fun and engaging challenges. Younger kids have been shown to respond well to new information when it closely associated with fun. According to Jennifer M. Zosh (‘How People Learn’ , 2017), a child who enjoys the learning process will learn faster and be more likely to seek out additional information on their own.    

Once a child has become familiar with the basics of coding, they are more likely to enjoy courses such as codecademy, which are generally aimed at a more mature audience. There are also many ‘gamified’ learning applications available online such as CodeCombat, which frame coding challenges based on ‘real world’ languages such as Python in a fun and engaging way.


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