Python Fundamentals

For Ages 12 - 17

Python Honors Course


Python Fundamentals introduces students to more advanced Python concepts, building on the experience they have gained in the intermediate level courses. Each lesson a core Python concept is introduced and explained through a series of exercises. Short assignments and exercises outside of class build proficiency. For the last two weeks, students work on a capstone project that pulls together all of the concepts and coding techniques that they now have in their toolbox.


Course worksheets are available that introduce each concept and how it is applied. These worksheets have been developed specifically for middle school students. They provide clear explanations of important concepts using non-technical language. This course is equivalent to a CS100 college level course and is modelled on courses at Cornell and Dartmouth universities.

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What Our Parents Say

Best coding program for kids in USA

UCode has the best coding program for kids in USA. They also very flexible with schedules and price. Teachers are knowledgeable and very kind to kids, they have lots of patients on all the manner. About 5 years more advanced in age groups ,than a private school computer program class.If America visited Mars, than your kid need as a minimum, : to learn computer skills !

My 11 year old daughter and 10 year old son LOVE THIS!

We just signed up a month ago and they look forward to their weekly session. Two hours of computer programming each week and if we can't make it, the hours roll over. They have a bunch of different platforms for the kids to work on with plenty of supervision

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What does a UCode Membership Cost?

A UCode Membership is free. You create one simply by attending a Trial Class. Your Trial Class is free and for subsequent classes you may purchase points and use these to reserve your class.

Why Points? Seems more complicated.

No Contract. No missed classes. No Need to Pause or Cancel. And it allows us more instructional options like offering individual 1:1 instruction.

How do Points Work?

Every class has a point value that will be deducted from your balance of points when you reserve a class. Take as many or as few classes each month as you want. Personalize the schedule to your student’s needs.

Can I Redeem My Points if Not Used?

Points are good for 1 year and can be extended or transferred, but not redeemed if not used. They can be used for any UCode program.

So You Will Not Bill My Card After the Trial Class?

We will only bill your card when you purchase points. It has nothing to do with the Trial Class. We require a credit card for child security purposes. Safety is a priority. We cannot have people signing up for classes that we do not have information on.