Java Fundamentals

For Ages 15 - 17

Course Description

Java is a object oriented programming language that is widely used for cross platform applications. This course introduces programming in Native Java using an IDE. It is for students with no prior coding experience.


While Java is viewed as a programming language to design applications for the Internet, it is in reality a general all purpose language which can be used independent of the Internet. Java was created at Sun Microsystems, Inc., where a team of researchers created a language that would allow consumer electronic devices to communicate with each other.


The difference between the way Java and other programming languages worked was revolutionary. Code in other languages is first translated by a compiler into instructions for a specific type of computer. Java compiles code into something called Bytecode, which is then interpreted by software called the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE acts as a virtual computer that interprets Bytecode and translates it for the host computer. Because of this, Java code can be written the same way for many platforms (“write once, run anywhere”), which helped lead to its popularity for use on the Internet and more recently in mobile devices.


Java Fundamentals introduces students to Java in a 16 week course that is designed for students with no or limited experience in coding. Each week a core coding concept is introduced and explained through a series of exercises. Short assignments and exercises outside of class build proficiency. For the last two weeks, students work on a capstone project that pulls together all of the concepts and coding techniques that they now have in their toolbox.


Course worksheets are available that introduce the concepts and how they are applied. These worksheets have been developed for those new to coding. They provide clear explanations of important concepts using non-technical language. We think you will appreciate the approach.


If you are thinking about learning to code for the first time, then you might find Python easier to pick up. Python’s syntax is designed to be intuitive and its relative simplicity allows newbies to hit the ground running. Conversely, Java has a steeper learning curve.

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