Code the Future
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The world is rapidly transforming. Children are becoming acquainted and even proficient with technology at younger and younger ages. The new E-Book from UCode is the introduction these children need to start implementing technology usefully and learning the skills to succeed in this new Digital Age.
Code the Future
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Nationally Recognized Program
Developed by Cornell Univeristy
For Ages 6 to 15
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Design, Code, Learn & Create
30 Day Trial Membership
4 classes of 90 minutes in any of our courses
8:1 student to instructor ratio
Consultation session with our Academic Director
One computer and robot per student
Participation in events, competitions, and parent nights
UCode Certificate of Completion
A fun and supportive learning environment
You don't need to purchase any additional equipment or materials
Coding is not like calculus.
Your child doesn't have to wait for AP classes or until her freshman year in college to begin.
And, unlike integrating differential equations, she can immediately apply what she learns in the real world.
If you're thinking about ways to improve your child's academics you may want to consider joining UCode's Nationally Recognized Program, developed together with Cornell Univeristy for students ages 6 to 15.
Start preparing your student for the future
The MIT technology review determines that AI won't be able to work retail until 2031, write a bestselling book until 2049, or replace surgeons until 2053. But they will in your child's lifetime.
And this distant timeframe doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything about it. Or just passively wait. You need to start preparing your children for a future in which they can be replaced by machines.
This means jobs require thought, creativity, and problem solving. And they won't learn that by just going to schools, or even the best universities.
These types of classes are linear. They're based on a direct connection to the instructor's content and the student's attention. Write this down, memorize this, understand that.
However, when a child learns to code, he learns to think, he learns to solve problems, he learns to create.
UCode students
Because coding teaches children to become creators who are genuinely interested in solving problems they see... To think logically - break down challenges to their most fundamental parts, then build up solutions piece by piece.
Just because your child learns code doesn't mean they will have to become a computer scientist. They will succeed as doctors, lawyers, and with the skills they learn.
Parent Testimonials
Don't just take our word for it, let the parents do the talking.
"Answers questions faster and smarter"
The instructors at UCode have inspired my child. He's more active in learning. He asks - and answers questions - faster and smarter!
— Mother of a UCode Member aged 12
"The curriculum is rigorous"
The curriculum is rigorous, my kids love the coaches. The coaches are not only knowledgeable, they are also patient with the students. They teach what schools don't teach!
— April Faieta
"Confident and comfortable in math class now"
My daughter is, amazingly, confident and comfortable in math class now. It's the way UCode has been teaching her to solve problems.
— Mother of a UCode Member aged 10
"Live in 21rst century, let your kid Code."
Ucode has the best coding program for kids in USA. They also very flexible with schedules and price. Teachers are knowledgeable and very kind to kids, they have lots of patients on all the manner. About 5 years more advanced in age groups ,than a private school computer program class.If America visited Mars, than your kid need as a minimum, : to learn computer skills !
— Anonymous
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