Membership FAQ

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What does a UCode Membership Cost?

A UCode Membership is free. You create one simply by attending a Trial Class. Your Trial Class is free and for subsequent classes you may purchase points and use these to reserve your class.


Why Points? Seems more complicated.

No Contract. No missed classes. No Need to Pause or Cancel. And it allows us more instructional options like offering individual 1:1 instruction.


How do Points Work?.

Every class has a point value that will be deducted from your balance of points when you reserve a class. Take as many or as few classes each month as you want. Personalize the schedule to your student’s needs.


Can I Redeem My Points if Not Used?

Points are good for 1 year and can be extended or transferred, but not redeemed if not used. They can be used for any UCode program.


Can I still buy a Renewing Membership?

Yes, simply select the auto-renew option when you purchase points. When your points balance declines below the level needed to reserve a class your card on file will be charged and your points balance updated.


So No Contact?

There is no contract.


I’m not sure what class is correct.

Email us and we will set up a phone consultation. You will also receive a recommendation from the instructor after the Trial Class on the best class for your student.


What if I enroll two children?

The more points you buy the cheaper they are. So there is a discount structure built in for multiple students in a family.


Can I take any course that is listed?

Some courses do have age requirements or require that you have completed an introductory course. If you are below the age requirement, you may apply and we will evaluate your level.


What If my student has previous coding experience?

Once you join and register on, you will be asked to sign up for a Session with an Academic Director to understand your learning goals, your previous coding experience and which course you are interested in pursuing. They will “level” you into the correct starting point in the curriculum you are pursuing.


What If my student has NO previous coding experience?

Not a problem, most of our students start with little or no experience.


Do Classes For New Students Start Every Week?

UCode’s courses are student led and self-paced. You simply join a class that is convenient for you and our instructors will pick it up from there. During your first classe(s) you will have a instructor (a second instructor) who works directly with you to introduce the curriculum and get you started. When you are rolling along, you will join the standard class.


Are your courses certified? Can I earn college credit?

Our courses are certified by a non-profit educational institution that serves to certify coding programs for students. UCode courses do not earn college credit. However, our advanced courses generally will allow a student to pass out of their first year computer science requirement at many universities.


Is It The Same Class Time Each Week?

You can book the same class each week at the same time if you prefer. Or you can book different times each week. We have made it flexible to suit your schedule. To book the same class over multiple weeks use the Repeat Class booking option.


How Far In Advance Can I Book?

You can book classes as far in advance as you have points for. No limits.


Who Is My Point Of Contact At Ucode?

Email [email protected] for matters related to the operation of the program and your student including billing issues or problems. Many issues can be resolved by visiting Help on the bottom of