Arificial Intelligence

Updated: January 25, 2022
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Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Humans have long been able to adapt to a new environment, and to react in a new way to a situation that's never happened before. Well, mostly, computers and robots do not have the same intelligence, they have to be programmed with artificial intelligence to make the right decisions. The idea behind AI is that human intelligence can be so precisely mapped out that machines are able to copy it.

Computers are able to learn through pattern recognition. Take the act of martial arts, it starts with basic moves, and adds more complex ones. All movements in the martial arts are combinations of basic moves. Once a computer or robot can recognize the basic patterns, it can learn when and how to use them. To learn, people usually try to copy an action by repeating what they have observed. Human pattern recognition is relatively strong, because we use all of our senses to capture positions speeds, everything we can. Our senses are not always efficient, though. Sometimes we miss judge things like distance and timing, it can take several attempts for a person to recognize a pattern and repeat it.

Machine learning is a type of AI that provides computers with the ability to learn without being told exactly what to do by humans. Instead, in machine learning, the computer teaches itself when it gets new information. The computer identifies and saves patterns. For example, a robot uses sensors to remember actions. This could be through images or sounds. Every time a robot sees a pattern, it records certain points. After a while of seeing it, it will remember the pattern in great detail. For example, to open a door, we have to one hold the handle to turn the handle, three, push it open. If a robot was learning from us, it might try to push the door open first. After a while of taking in the process, it will be able to remember the pattern. There are smart robots that remember patterns the first time around. This is because they have highly efficient sensors. But there's still a long way to go before machines, robots and computers can really think for themselves like they do in the movies.

There are many key areas where artificial intelligence is going to be important in the future. In particular, anything that involves making sense out of more data than we humans can handle on our own. There are many science, biochemistry, and medical possibilities. Imagine future artificial intelligence computers and robots that can formulate conduct and test their own hypotheses. Also, if humans send robots with artificial intelligence to other planets, they'll produce much better work than robots that cannot problem solve by themselves. The goal in researching and developing artificial intelligence is to create intelligent machines that can think and act for themselves rather than needing special programmed instructions.