Introduction To Coding For Kids Starter Class

For Ages 6 - 8


This starter course is an opportunity for you to introduce your student to coding and start them on a very important learning journey.  Students learn how computers work, how they process information, what inputs computers require as well as basic programming techniques such as variables, conditional statements, loops, etc. 


Concepts are introduced and explored using worksheets and coding challenges. As students progress the concepts and challenges become increasingly difficult which serves to simulate the development of stronger computational thinking skills.  Kids love this course and have loads of Fun!


The Introduction To Coding course is designed to prepare students to advance to the next level courses, specifically to the Python For Kids course.

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Mon Sep 20 2021 04:00 PM PST - 05:00 PM PST3 seats available
Wed Sep 22 2021 03:00 PM PST - 04:00 PM PST6 seats available
Mon Sep 27 2021 04:00 PM PST - 05:00 PM PST5 seats available
Wed Sep 29 2021 03:00 PM PST - 04:00 PM PST6 seats available
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Grades 1-3
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What Our Parents Say

A great program

UCode runs a great program. Since the next generation loves technology why not encourage them to learn how to code. My daughter loves going to Ucode each week, she gets so excited to share what she learns and can't wait to learn advanced coding. The staff is always friendly and is great at explaining current projects my child is working on.

Loves UCode!

My son loves UCode! I did not think he would have the patience for programming but he seems to really enjoy it.

An amazing experience with UCode

We have had such an amazing experience with UCode so far. It is incredible to see the boost in confidence that the kids have when they are successful with their coding skills. It is always a proud moment for them when they get to show off their projects. Thank you to Frank and the rest of the amazing staff at UCode for doing such a great job with our kids.

Membership Information

Do classes for new students start every week?

Courses are student led and self-paced. You simply join a class that is convenient for you and our instructors will pick it up from there. During your first class you will have a instructor who works directly with you one on one to introduce the curriculum and get you started. When you are rolling along, you will join the standard class.

What If my student has previous coding experience?

A Academic Director will meet you to understand your learning goals, your previous coding experience and which course you are interested in pursuing. They will “level” you into the correct starting point in the curriculum you are pursuing.

Are Membership refundable if I cancel?

Memberships are non-refundable. If you fail to cancel prior to the subscription renewal date, we will not refund you. No exceptions.

What If I miss a class?

You may make up a class in the same billing cycle. For example, if you miss Tuesday’s class you may take the same class on Thursday as long as it is prior to your monthly subscription renewal date.

Are your courses certified? Can I earn college credit?

Our courses are certified by a non-profit educational institution that serves to certify coding programs for primary school, middle school and high school courses.

What if I enroll two children? Is there a discount for siblings?

No. Unfortunately at this low price, the economics do not allow us to offer a sibling discount.

Can I Cancel my Membership?

You may Cancel at anytime by logging onto and cancelling from the Settings section. Subscriptions must be cancelled by the end of the business day prior to the subscription renewal date.

How long does it take to finish a course?

Generally, one academic semester to finish a course, although it does depend on the age of the student and the course.