Introduction To Coding For Kids

For Ages 6 - 8


The main goals of this introductory coding course is to build a strong foundation to prepare students to advance to the Python For Kids course. 


Young learners are introduced to core coding and computing concepts through the use of animated videos that introduce present these concepts in an age appropriate and fun way. Foundational topics include: Computer Programs, Computer Memory, Programming Languages, Inputs, Sources, Sensors, Color Detection, Time, Logic , Flow Charts, Counting, Sorting, , Repetition, Comparison, Variables, Idle, Conditional Statements, Break Loop, Infinite Loop, String Text, Programming Loops, Return Value, Type Conversion, Artificial Intelligence.


The concepts are then fully explored using worksheets and coding problems. Students code using a block interface that uses colors to differentiate among functions. This requires no previous coding experience and a second grade vocabulary.

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What Our Parents Say

A great program

UCode runs a great program. Since the next generation loves technology why not encourage them to learn how to code. My daughter loves going to Ucode each week, she gets so excited to share what she learns and can't wait to learn advanced coding. The staff is always friendly and is great at explaining current projects my child is working on.

Loves UCode!

My son loves UCode! I did not think he would have the patience for programming but he seems to really enjoy it.

An amazing experience with UCode

We have had such an amazing experience with UCode so far. It is incredible to see the boost in confidence that the kids have when they are successful with their coding skills. It is always a proud moment for them when they get to show off their projects. Thank you to Frank and the rest of the amazing staff at UCode for doing such a great job with our kids.

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What does a UCode Membership Cost?

A UCode Membership is free. You create one simply by attending a Trial Class. Your Trial Class is free and for subsequent classes you may purchase points and use these to reserve your class.

Why Points? Seems more complicated.

No Contract. No missed classes. No Need to Pause or Cancel. And it allows us more instructional options like offering individual 1:1 instruction.

How do Points Work?

Every class has a point value that will be deducted from your balance of points when you reserve a class. Take as many or as few classes each month as you want. Personalize the schedule to your student’s needs.

Can I Redeem My Points if Not Used?

Points are good for 1 year and can be extended or transferred, but not redeemed if not used. They can be used for any UCode program.

So You Will Not Bill My Card After the Trial Class?

We will only bill your card when you purchase points. It has nothing to do with the Trial Class. We require a credit card for child security purposes. Safety is a priority. We cannot have people signing up for classes that we do not have information on.