Course Overview

Updated: February 17, 2022
No Credit Card Required


Welcome to Web Development with HTML. You’re about to learn a super valuable new skill that will benefit you the rest of your life: scripting computer code in HTML.  You’re going to learn all you need to build your own website, and then you’re going to build one.

Who should take this course?  Students ages 10 and above. If you’re new to coding this is a great starting point. What about someone who has learned some HTML already? Sure. You can use this course as a refresher.

In this course we will learn a programming language called HTML. What does that mean? HT stands for Hypertext. HyperText just refers to text that you click on to jump from one place to another.  ML stands for Mark-up Language. When you see how you will be putting marks and symbols before and after words when you code in HTML, you will quickly figure out why it’s called Mark-up Language.

HTML is a front-end programming language. It’s a language you can do so many things with: You can build a website, publish a menu for a restaurant.  But the great thing about learning one computer language, like HTML, is that it helps you when you learn other computer languages. Because there are some similarities between all computer languages.

So welcome to the fun, wonderful, powerful world of computer programming.

This course is 40 lessons of about 2-3 minutes long each.  Each lesson has a video that introduces a programming concept, exercises, quizzes, and as you progress project steps where you build your own web application.  There is even a built in code checker to check your exercises. 

You will work at your own pace. And if you need assistance simply click on the orange button on the top of the page labelled “Instructor Now”.  This will open a Zoom conversation with a Instructor who can check your code, review your work or answer your questions. It is called “Instruction on Demand”, as we all need support from time to time in learning to code. 

The beginning of the course is HTML, the basics of websites.  After you learn HTML, we’ll move to CSS, Cascading Style Sheet, which make a website attractive. 

We’re going to take it slow and teach you one skill at a time as you build your website.  You’ll learn how to make sure your website look great screens that are different sizes. You’ll learn how to make buttons and insert photos and text for your website. You’ll become an expert in how to place all these things in a specific place on your web page: left, right, center, top, bottom. 

If you get stuck and don’t understand something: press the orange “Instructor Now” button and get help!  You’re going to have an awesome HTML webpage that you made on your own. You’re about to enter the amazing world of computer programming and become a computer programmer. It might be confusing at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will be. 

What are we waiting for? Let’s go.