More External Stylesheets

Updated: February 17, 2022
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I moved some of the styles thatare repeated in my “About Me” and gallery pages to an external stylesheet, like the styles for my header and footer. This made my CSS less repetitive. It also allows me to add all of those styles to a new page and just one line of code using the link tag.

It's actually best practice to move all of your styles to external stylesheets. Even the styles that aren't repeated across multiple pages. Watch, I'll create a file called about me dot CSS. Then I'll add a link to my about me CSS to the top of my about me HTML. Finally, I'll copy and paste the CSS from my about me HTML file and delete the style tags. This process helps keep your HTML files smaller, which makes it easier to find things in your code. So now, each page gets its own special stylesheet and I have one master style sheet called app.CSS. That applies to all of the pages on my website.

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