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Updated: February 17, 2022
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Welcome back, and Congratulations on finishing HTML/CSS Basics. In HTML/CSS 2, we will use the awesome power of CSS and HTML to create a blog, run for class president, or make a guide for your favorite game. I want you to get comfortable with coding HTML and CSS.

I told you to hold on to any ideas you had for your ultimate website. Since you have some experience, now, you can start bringing those ideas to life. Just like in previous chapters, I'll walk you through my own project as an example. This should give you a general idea of what you'll be able to accomplish when you've completed the chapter.

But first, let's rewind a little bit. My web page from the previous course had paragraphs, images, headings, and so on, all stacked on top of each other. They do this by default. But in this course, we'll go over how to control the position of your content. For instance, in my new website, I position the links under my heading and put a picture next to my paragraphs. I also change the width of some of my tags, like I did with these images.

Much better.

My old project only has one page However, most websites have multiple web pages. My project here will have three different pages. I can navigate to each one by clicking the links at the top of my page. Here's my About Me page. I can visit a gallery of plants by clicking the gallery link. And I can go to the homepage by clicking the home link. It's time for HTML/CSS 2. Let's do this dance

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