Kids Love to Code!

Nationally Recognized Coding Courses For Kids Ages 6 to 16.
Position Your Child To Succeed
UCode equips students ages 6 to 16 with Computational Thinking skills required to succeed in the Algorithmic economy.
What Makes UCode Different
UCode is unique in it's focus on building strong computational thinking abilities through teaching coding. In an economy driven by information and knowledge, computational thinking helps students build a bridge to the future and so prepares them for a world very different than todays.
Our curriculum was developed in partnership with Cornell University faculty and features assessment tools that measure a student's learning-progress. Measurement is critical to ensuring that we are meeting a student's learning goals. For students ages 6 to 16.
Learning Progression
High LifeTime Value
Our Coding & Robotics Courses
Fundamental Concepts in Science & Technology
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Coding Courses For Kids (Ages 8 & Up)
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Coding Courses For Teens (Ages 12 & Up)
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Coding Courses For Teens (Ages 13 & Up)
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What Our Parents Say...
Don't just take our word for it, let the parents do the talking.
"Answers questions faster and smarter"
The instructors at UCode have inspired my child. He's more active in learning. He asks - and answers questions - faster and smarter!
— Mother of a UCode Member aged 12
"He's become the go-to kid for coding and technology projects at his school"
My son's teachers have been surprised to see him transform from an attentive but uninspired student, to someone who is proactive and high performing. He's become the go-to kid for coding and technology projects at his school.
— Mother of a UCode Member aged 10
"Confident and comfortable in math class now"
My daughter is, amazingly, confident and comfortable in math class now. It's the way UCode has been teaching her to solve problems.
— Mother of a UCode Member aged 10
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