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Coding Courses For Ages 10-16

HTML/CSS & JavaScript
UCode's Programming Academy provides students who aspire to become accomplished programmers with the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals.
HTML is the basic programming language for web development and design. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the language that gives web pages their look and formatting. HTML and CSS are cornerstone technologies for web development.
UCode students master HTML/CSS to create truly impressive websites from first principles.
This isn't simply drag and drop web development using templates. We teach students using pure code, without any assistance from tools or pre-made components.
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JavaScript - The most widely deployed language in the world.
JavaScript is used to add a dynamic component to the web page and make elements on a web page interactive. Alongside HTML and CSS, Javascript is one of the three core technologies of the World Wide Web.
With JavaScript students add functionality to evolve websites into full-fledged applications. There's really no limit to what students can do with JavaScript given their creativity and imagination. Students learn to work with data, introducing complex data structures into their code. Best practices in software architecture, testing, and tools compliment the general programming instruction. As students near the end of the course, they learn the details of creating functions.
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Functional Approach to Teaching Coding
UCode stresses an algebraic approach to JavaScript - what is known as Functional Programming. This approach imporves mathematical and algebraic thinking versus traditional approaches. Learn to code and improve math skills.
Functional Programming languages are growing more and more popular and companies, like Facebook and Google, are hiring Functional Programmers. And so the marketability of these skills is growing daily.
ucode students using lego mindstorms program