What Age Can Kids Can Use Scratch?

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

What Age Can Kids Can Use Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language primarily targeted toward children. The Scratch programming environment offers a system that is exceptionally quick to learn how to use. Users can be programming within fifteen minutes yet there is enough depth and variety in the content to keep users engaged for years. Many competent programmers return to Scratch as it reportedly allows for the quick and easy realization of ideas.

Scratch uses a drag-and-drop system for small functional blocks of code making syntactical errors literally impossible. This is an incredibly useful feature that encourages kids to keep learning and to not be dissuaded by mistakes. The software does not require full literary skills in order to use, and while Scratch is directed at children at ages eight to sixteen, it can be a useful learning tool across all age groups.

With ScratchJr, children from ages five to seven years old can design and program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they are encouraged to express themselves creatively on the computer. ScratchJr is focused on educating young children and providing them with the capability to communicate their ideas and projects throughout a friendly and supportive community. ScratchJr is designed for children to gain a basic understanding of STEM-based subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It familiarises them with a variety of classifications computer software and mathematical concepts  and encourages further learning across STEM-based domains.

Scratch is not exclusively designed to encourage a career in software. The primary aim of the Scratch learning environment is to encourage children to become better problem-solvers, as well as gain a better understanding of STEM subjects and how each discipline interacts.

What Age Can Kids Can Use Scratch/ The short answer is when they can read at a second-grade level.


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