Tynker for Kids

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

Tynker is widely considered to be an effective medium to teach kids programming. Unlike its primary competitor Scratch, It offers several different ways to approach a challenge, and the learning process has directed the interests of the individual. Its design is based on the premise that children respond positively to games, stories and characters, and promotes the idea that learning and fun complement each other.

Games available within the Tynker environment such as Space Cadet and Dragon Spells allow children to learn programming fundamentals in a fun and engaging way that keeps their interest. Each challenge contains coding puzzles where the player must recognize patterns and break down problems in order to grasp programmatic concepts such as loops and conditional logic.

Tynker focuses on maintaining a sense of variety – one available feature being their add-on to the extremely popular Minecraft game. Users can augment their Minecraft experience by designing and writing their own features using Tynkers intuitive visual-programming language. This encourages children to think critically and to use their initiative when writing code, in order to realize creative tasks and achieve personal goals.

Another popular feature available within the Tynker ecosystem is the Parrot Mambo Code package. Tynker has joined with Parrot drone technology to help kids learn programming and robotics through hands-on experimentation with drone technology. This is a special bundle that includes a 6-month Tynker subscription and child-safe mini-drone. Children can pilot drones and coordinate extreme manoeuvres, aerial combat challenges and designate custom flight patterns all with the Tynker coding environment. This has received very positive feedback among educators and has proven to be both an enjoyable and highly educational way for kids to learn coding at a young age.



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