Top 3 Kids Coding Languages

Published by UCode Research on May 25, 2022

What are the Top 3 Kids Coding Languages? What online kids coding class should your cild start with? If you visit coding websites, they’re going to tell you that your kid should start super basic with Scratch programming, Blockly, or some other kind of visual programming tool. We’re here to tell you that this would just hold back your child and waste their time. There are a few programming languages that are difficult to learn, but they’re just on the edge of what a person can learn as a child. Here are three languages that are simple but sophisticated enough that they can help your child fast track their programming career.

1. Python is the Top Kids Coding Language

Number one on our list is Python as it is practically on every ‘kids coding languages’ list you’re going to find. It’s an extremely easy language that only requires a few simple lines to get it up and to run. But the part of Python that makes it so attractive as a kid’s coding language is how powerful it is. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity; all of these rely solely on Python. You can even make video games on Python. If your child is putting in time on Python, rest assured that they can easily turn it into a profitable career in the future.

2. JavaScript

Number two on our list would be JavaScript, also called ‘the Language of the Internet. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because of how frequently it’s used in the world of web development. Almost every website in the world uses JavaScript in some way or form. The best part about JavaScript is that your kids might not think of it as ‘boring’. This is a major problem with other coding languages. As far as JavaScript is concerned, your child will be able to play around with HTML and CSS to create decent websites. Once they have a grip on the fundamentals, they can move on to more advanced Bootstrap, Node, and React development.

3. Ruby

Ruby is a unique programming language that is getting an insane amount of popularity in the practical world because of how simple and easy it is. Ruby was created with the intention of simplifying code as much as possible. This is really appealing to businesses because there’s almost always going to be more than one person working on a certain project. Ruby allows coders to easily understand another person’s code. This is what makes Ruby a great kid’s coding language. The easy-to-understand syntax is super simple to learn for children and allows them to focus on a fairly powerful coding language that has a lot of scope in the actual field.

Conclusion: Top 3 Kids Coding Languages

It doesn’t matter what the programming language is. Teaching it to a kid is going to be difficult. If you really want to make things as easy as they can be for your child, you should consider signing your kid up for UCode. So, if you want your kid to learn a coding language that would help them begin a profitable career, UCode is the place.