The Best Free Coding Sites For Kids in 2022

Published by UCode Research on Aug 17, 2022

Hello. Did you read our post on the Worst Free Coding Sites For Kids in 2022? If not, you might head over there now. In that post, we outlined that we know a lot about Teaching Kids To Code. It is what we have been doing since 2009. Here is the link.…for-kids-in-2022/

We also shared an important insight in that post – Kids Learn To Code By Coding. It is like a musical instrument or a sport where the practice is at the core of developing competence. The technique is important and in our vernacular technique equates to the curriculum. But it takes time and practice.

Your kid is not going to learn to code by watching a video on YouTube, playing games like Minecraft, or joining a Dance Party on So where to start?  Here are some of the Best Free Coding Sites For Kids in 2022.


Teaching Kids To Code: Where to Start?



Scratch is a popular platform used aimed at kids from 6 to 16 years old. Instead of typing code in text, you can drag and drop blocks of code to create different stories and games.

It has a large community with more than 15 million registered members who are incredibly active. The downside? No curriculum and no instruction. It is a tool, not a solution to teaching kids to code. But it is a really good tool.

The free version of Code Combat provides an in-depth introduction to computer science. It consists of many levels to teach kids basic syntax, parameters, strings, arguments, loops, and variables. There are also more advanced modules, such as web development and game development, that are paid.  Code Combat applies actual coding syntax using a text editor, allowing kids to get familiar with languages such as HTML, CDS, JavaScript, and Python.

We have recently opened up our Learning Management System to the public for FREE. Our LMS integrates instructional videos, exercises, and quizzes with live instructional support. Each lesson introduces a core coding concept around which the unit is focused and then is further explored with exercises and quizzes. It is the same material we use in our classes. There is a range of courses for students of age 6 plus. Want to learn Python? We have a nationally recognized Python curriculum. Scratch? It is an amazing course that kids love. And if you need instruction, it is “pay as you go”. No more expensive monthly subscriptions.



So, what are you waiting for? Head over to any of these Best Free Coding Sites For Kids and start creating the future.…for-kids-in-2022/