Summer Computer Courses for High School Students

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

Summer Computer Courses for High School Students are a great way to start your coding journey.

If you are the parent of a high school student, you are already thinking about colleges and anything that might help them as they enter the professional world. Getting your teen started on computer programming will give them a major advantage and will look great on a college application.

Our world is quickly changing, and almost every job will require at least basic computer skills. Adding computer programming to their resume will not only open up their college selection but also guarantee them a position in most fields. Let’s walk through a few more reasons your teen should learn to code, how to get them excited about it, and fun ways to learn!

What is Coding?

If your teen is new to the world of coding, they may be wondering what it is. Coding turns our everyday language into a language the computer can understand to perform all the wonderful tasks we use and love.

To make this easier, some brilliant people turned the computer’s tricky language of numbers and symbols into a language that looks more like our own. There are many different computer languages to choose from based on what you are trying to create.

Think of it as creating a detailed list of instructions for someone precisely the way you would like something done. Coding is responsible for all the technology you use today from your smartphones, tablets, computers, and the machines that build everything in our modern world.

We use technology for everything these days, and it has greatly simplified our lives.

Why should my teen learn to code?

Being a teenager is hard, and so is parenting a teenager. Getting them interested and excited about things that will help them in the future can be a daunting task, but programming might just be what they need.

Our society is built around technology, and giving your teen a skill built around that might really interest them. They can create websites, games, apps, and so much more. Finding a project they would be interested in might do the trick to getting them plugged in and excited about learning a new skill set that will follow them into any career path.

Here is a list of a few reasons they should learn how to program computers:

  • Career Opportunities: According to MarketWatch, jobs that require some knowledge in computer programing pay $57,000 or more per year and provide more than 560,000 new jobs by 2026. Now that many people go to college, the job market is a lot more competitive. Having computer programming on your resume will make you a valuable asset to any company.
  • Competitive Advantages of College Applications: If your teen grasps how important this could be for their career, they may be excited to get started. Teens who go through these courses develop problem-solving skills, persistence, and creativity to get them places in life. Many colleges will even send out early acceptance letters to a driven teen.
  • High School Success: Some high schools today require at least five credits in computer science, so a summer program would be perfect for such cases. The skills they will learn will help them thrive in their other courses and give them discipline.

Summer Program

Getting a teenager to add more academics to their plate might be a tough battle. However, a summer computer programming class might be perfect. It will give them some structure to their day and keep their minds engaged while adding an incredible life skill. Check out our Beginners Java Course for Teens or our Beginners Python Course for Teens to get started.

Try focusing on all the cool things they can create other than the academic and career side. Kids love creating things, and coding will give them a new insight into how the world works.

Learning to code will instill independence into your child, turn them into incredible problem solvers, and tap into their creative side.

How to Get a Teen Excited About Coding

There are several fun ways to get your teen involved in coding so they can see just how much fun it can be. If they seem hesitant, try these options:

  • Take them to coding competitions: These competitions are also known as hackathons. Computer programmers come together at an organized event to collaborate, work on a large project, or solve a problem in the tech world. They are usually competition-driven and last for a weekend. They are very inviting and are always happy to explain what they are doing to newcomers.
  • Get them to join a coding club: Hopefully, you can find one near you, but this is an excellent way for them to meet others and make friends with peers who have similar interests as them.
  • Choosing a coding language: There are many coding languages, and some are easier for beginners than others. Selecting a language that is suitable for beginners is essential. A few beginner languages are Python, JavaScript, C#, and CSS. These are known to be easier to understand, and less confusing, and they can be used for a variety of things giving new users the freedom and flexibility to create whatever they want.

What Courses Are Available?

Ucode offers a wide variety of courses for different skill levels and language interests. These courses provide a Live learning experience that will keep your child engaged. It is their way to becoming an expert in coding.

Here are a few of our courses designed for older students:

  • HTML/CSS Coding for Kids – This is an introductory course that does not require any prior experience to introduce them to coding through videos, quizzes, and exercises.
  • HTML/CSS Coding for Kids 2  This course can only be taken after course 1 has been completed because it will build on the content they previously learned.
  • JavaScript Coding Classes for Kids This course can be completed once our child learns the basics of HTML and CSS. JavaScript adds fun 2D animation to your child’s education, taking their designs to the next level.
  • Python Fundamentals– A 16-week course that may be long for a summer activity, but the benefits may be worth the undertaking. They need no prior experience, and this will give them a significant head start in the world of coding.
  • Java Fundamentals–  A 16-week course that will teach your child to a very diverse language that can be used to create a variety of things. Java is unique because of its versatility across many different platforms, making it a perfect beginner language.

This should keep your teen more than occupied all summer and build a strong foundation for coding.

Conclusion:Summer Computer Courses for High School Students

We hope this helped you see how important it is for your teen to learn computer programming and how it can give them a significant head start in life. Find some of these activities your teen enjoys, get them plugged in, and help them get passionate about programming.