Python for Kids: What Topics Should They Focus On

Published by UCode Research on Jul 05, 2022

Teaching your kids Python coding is a pretty rock-solid choice. It’s among the most used languages in the world, and Python developers are one of the most highly paid jobs from a technical standpoint. So, there’s a really good reason for you to help your kids invest time and resources into learning Python. But, now that you’ve picked the perfect programming language for them, what topics should you focus on teaching your kids? To answer that question, here are three topics that can definitely serve as the perfect starter topics to teach your kids the basics.

Data Types, Variables, and Loops in Python

These three are practically the holy grail of Python and the three most used functions that your kids will play around with in Python. If this is their first time learning the gist of Python, you should definitely invest a lot of time in helping them understand the basics. Data types will allow them to learn the different kinds of data you can use in Python and how to convert data from one type to another. Variables help your kids understand Python’s own built-in keywords and the variable that they’re allowed to use. Loops are practically a programmer’s bread and butter. If your kids aren’t familiar with loops, they’ll be forced to manually iterate through a bunch of data; a habit that will prove to be extremely time-consuming for your kids.

GUI and Python Games For Kids

Making games in Python is one of the best ways to develop a knack for problem-solving. Even super simple games like tic-tac-toe can prove to be an amazing learning experience that can help your child grasp a lot of fundamental programming concepts that they will need in the future. You can start them off with CLI games. They can make quizzes and trivia-type games based on simple yes and no questions. Once they get proficient in those concepts, they can move to GUI games like ludo.


This is a fairly advanced topic and one that is frequently used in machine learning. Chatbots will be your child’s first introduction to such advanced topics in Python, but it’s a fairly simple one. Making chatbots doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have your kids working with complex machine learning data sets. A chatbot can be as simple as a small ‘what is your name’ conversation. This is a pretty interesting topic and might be able to pique your child’s interest unlike any other.

Closing Thoughts on Python For Kids

Teaching your kids Python coding will be one of the best decisions you’ll make for their careers. But, as far as the topics are concerned, you shouldn’t worry about that too much. The kids are at a point where they just need to get familiar with Python. It doesn’t matter what they work on. They’ll develop those skills regardless of that.

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