Online Coding Classes for Kids – Small Classes vs. 1-on-1

Published by UCode Research on Jul 07, 2022

Pros of Small Classes

Online Coding Classes for Kids – Small Classes vs. 1-on-1? You learn to code by coding. It is like learning to play the piano. You don’t learn to play well by listening to a teacher talk about music theory. No, you practice and with practice comes fluency. 

It is the same for coding. A UCode class has on average 4 students, so there is more than enough instructional time from the teacher. And kids spend their time coding. Actually coding, not playing games like Minecraft or Roblox. 

And we know that students actually progress faster in a small class than in 1:1 instruction. Huh? How is that? Its called “phantom learning” and it is a well-documented outcome of a learning environment with several students working on the same curriculum. What happens is that students hear the questions and interactions between the instructors and other students. This often serves as a preview of a future lesson or concept or as a reminder of what they previously covered.  

In both 1:1 and small class formats, students work at their own pace. This is an advantage over traditional classroom environments where teachers teach to the slowest student in the room. How boring is that? Pretty boring for most kids. So, a small online coding class for kids is great if your student has good time management skills and takes responsibility for their own learning.

Pros of Individual Instruction

Individual instruction is a  very effective format for a kids’ coding class when a student is not a great communicator or may lack confidence. It provides an unparalleled level of support and the ability to tailor the curriculum to the student. Have trouble mastering Nested Loops? No problem, the instructor will stay on topic until it is mastered. And the time of the class can be scheduled to meet a student’s needs. And the cool thing is that you can mix and match. Have a hard time with specific coding concepts? Feel like you need a little extra help. Sign up for a couple of individual sessions and then return to a small group coding class for kids. 

Closing Thoughts

Online coding classes for kids- are small classes or 1-on-1 better? There’s no right or wrong decision. Both types of classes are great for helping your kid learn to code. But, choosing the right kind of coding class for kids class will make it easier for them. So, take some time to think about your child, their likes and dislikes, and make a decision accordingly.