JavaScript Coding for Kids – Is It Really that Difficult?

Published by UCode Research on Jul 25, 2022

JavaScript Coding For Kids is really not that difficult. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s commonly called the ‘programming language of the web’ because no matter what website you’re on, it uses JavaScript at the backend in some way or form. JavaScript coding for kids is highly recommended simply because of how it has taken over the world completely. And, if every website in the world is using JavaScript, you can bet that there will be tons of job opportunities available to them in the future. But, apart from that, here’s why JavaScript coding for kids is such a brilliant idea.

Beginner Friendly

JavaScript is extremely complex when used to create full-fledged, professional-level websites. However, when we’re talking about basic web development, you could do a lot with just HTML and CSS. When we say JavaScript coding for kids, this is what we’re actually talking about teaching them. HTML and CSS are fairly brilliant because they simplify UI designing and allow your kids to get creative with shapes and colors. Furthermore, there’s a huge community for JavaScript that could help your child debug and solve the issues they are facing in their coding ventures. So, if your child faces some issues that halt their practice, there’s probably some person on Stack Overflow, Quora, or Reddit that asked and fixed it two years ago.

Easy to Run JavaScript Code

JavaScript is probably the easiest programming language to run and test code in. You don’t have to install any separate IDEs or SDKs. All you need to do is pop open the .html or .js file in a browser, and it’ll display the contents of that file. So, practically, all you need to code on JavaScript is your system’s built-in Notepad and a browser, and you’re good to go. You can install Visual Studio and some Live Server plugins to make your child’s life a little easier, but they are optional and only help in making JavaScript coding a little convenient. 

Endless Possibilities

JavaScript is like the Photoshop of web development tools. There are a billion different things that you can make in the language. This really gives your kids the chance to be as creative as possible with all the menus, icons, pictures, and videos. You can also throw in some bootstrap to add creative animations to your content and create an overall beautifully professional website. 

Final Thoughts 

JavaScript is a language that could open up an infinite number of opportunities for your children. So, if you’re thinking about getting a course in JavaScript coding for kids, you’re making the right decision. And, if you want to continue on that string of right decisions, you should definitely consider UCode. UCode is an educational site like Udemy that has a bunch of technical courses on our website. However, the factor that separates us from other educational websites is that our courses are specifically catered to kids. We present the information in an educational, easy-to-understand manner that is perfect for kids of all ages. So, if you want your kids to learn JavaScript, UCode is one of the best options there is.