How to Find Free Programming Classes for Kids

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

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If you are looking for a free coding program for your child, stop right here. We want to save you some time and energy and show you why that may not be the best option for your child.

Sure, there are a number of free programs to teach your child some basics, but that will not give them the best shot at being fluent in code.

So, let us show you why not to rely on free courses and games, but instead, get your child plugged into live coding courses.

What is Coding?

You may now be wondering, “What is coding, and why is it so essential my child needs to be taught well?”

Coding involves the language computers understand, called binary. When a person translates human language into a computer language, that is known as coding. Binary is a confusing language made up of 1s and 0s, but coding languages have helped simplify this communication process into an easier to understand syntax.

The world we live in revolves around computers, technology, and machines, and many jobs have become obsolete. Teaching your child to code fluently will give them a significant head start in life. By the time our kids are ready to get a job, this may be an acquired skill that is not yet taught in schools.

Here are a few examples of things you use on a daily basis thanks to code to give you an idea of how important it is:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Cars
  • Microwaves
  • Watches
  • Ipods
  • Credit card readers

This list could go on for a while. We are surrounded every day by things that are programmed, not to mention how everything is mass-produced from cars, clothes, and food. Coding drives the world.

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Kids are the future, and we want to prepare them to make a difference. The earlier they are introduced, the easier they will pick up on it, and the better they will be as they continue to build their knowledge.

Here are a few ways coding greatly benefits kids:

  • Coding gives kids control – Kids who know how to code are not left at the mercy of other coders; if they do not like the way something works, they can simply make their own. They have a deeper understanding of how the world works and the role they can play, shaping the world, and creating things that will help people everywhere.
  • Coding gives kids the keys to the future – Because many basic jobs are no longer necessary because of computers and machines, you want to make sure your child will be able to get a job one day. Soon every job in every field will require computer skills of some sort.
  • Coding creates well-rounded students – Coding teaches your child problem-solving, computational thinking, and analytical skills. This combination will make your child mentally tough and prepared to face any challenge headfirst. These skills apply to many areas of life and will equip them to do hard things.

There are more reasons, but this gives you a good idea of how important it will be for your child, and this is something you want to invest in.

Why Games Won’t Teach Your Kids to Code

Sure, there are times when games may be acceptable and fun, especially for young children, but they will not teach your child how to write pure code.

Thanks to games, some children started to code who may never have had the opportunity before. The downside is anything learned in these games cannot be translated outside of the game or applied to real life.

We are not saying not to let your kids play them, but be sure they are also learning pure code and not relying on games alone to learn.

Free Courses Versus Paid Courses

Free courses are certainly tempting, but if you are serious about your child learning to write code, this will not be the best option.

Free courses are generally always self-directed, meaning your child needs to be very self-motivated to stay on track. There is also a limited amount of help and resources if your child gets stuck or frustrated, and they will get stuck and frustrated–that’s just an inevitability of coding. Your child may be more likely to give up on coding altogether without the resources to help them succeed.

You get what you pay for, and that certainly applies here.

At Ucode, we are passionate about giving kids the very best engaging live-course learning experience. A live course means your child will log into class at a specific time with other students to be taught by a real teacher.

Our teachers are fun, engaging, and equipped to answer student’s questions. When your child gets frustrated, they have a built-in support system with a teacher and peers to problem-solve and collaborate with.

With this kind of help, they will be much less likely to quit.

The Courses We Offer

Here are our most popular courses!

  • Introduction to Coding for Kids – A course for kids ages 6-8 to help them learn the basics of coding and build a strong foundation.
  • Python for Kids – A course for kids ages 8-10 that will teach them the basic syntax of Python using a fun robot you code to complete challenges.
  • HTML/CSS Coding for Kids – A course for kids ages 12-17. These beginner languages work hand-in-hand and are a gateway to JavaScript.
  • Python For Kids: Python Fundamentals – A course for kids ages 15-17 to teach them the basics with quizzes and exercises and test their knowledge with a project at the end of the course.
  • Java for Kids: Java Fundamentals – A course for kids ages 15-17 to learn the basics of this versatile programming language and test their knowledge with a project at the end of the course.

These are just our beginner courses, but we also offer intermediate and advanced courses to give your child everything they need to be fluent in code and job-ready. Remember, all kids learn differently, and they may need to adjust based on their understanding of the material.

Allow them to take plenty of breaks, get frustrated, and come back to it, utilize their teacher’s help, use other online resources that may be beneficial. The last three tips may be the most important; keep practicing, never give up, and most importantly, have fun!

Coding can be challenging, no doubt, but it should be fun. Use your creativity, and put your knowledge to the test by picking a fun project to work on.


We are sorry to burst your bubble when it comes to free coding courses, but we just want to give your child the best opportunity to learn an essential skill. We hope you will highly consider the things we talked about, and start your child in a coding course today. You will not regret your decision, because this is the best gift you could ever give your child.

If you’re still testing the waters, let us help by offering a free trial course to see if your child is ready to start with Ucode.

Otherwise, if your child is ready to dive in head first, you can purchase a membership today and take full advantage of everything we have to offer!