Programming for Kids Online: Getting Kids Excited to Code

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

So if you want your kids to learn code but are wondering how to get them engaged and excited about learning it, we hope these helpful tips will make things easier. Kids are learning younger than ever to code because parents are realizing what a vital tool it will be for the rest of their lives.

No matter what career path your child chooses, coding will make them an essential asset. Here are a few reasons why your child should code and how to get them excited about it.

Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Code

There are so many reasons, but these five should give you a good idea of the benefits and importance of coding in a child’s life.

  1. A child expands their creativity every time they learn a new code.  Coding is all about developing creativity, exploring, problem-solving, and having fun. Kids love showing off their skills, and we know this because you have probably heard, “Hey, watch me do…” This builds confidence, and they get to immediately see results, which is very motivating.
  2. Computer programming is the future.  Our world is built around technology, and no matter what career path your child will choose one day, learning to code will put them at an advantage.
  3. There is a lack of skills in the software industry.  Because every industry uses computer programmers, there just simply are not enough to go around. They are highly sought after, and their salaries show it. The younger your child learns to code; their experience will be unmatched and make them invaluable one day.
  4. Coding helps make math more fun.  Coding is all about organizing and analyzing data, which is what math is. When a child learns to code, they are learning math without even realizing it, and therefore will make math class more fun and engaging.
  5. Coding is learning while having fun.  It is challenging, engaging, and creative. They learn how to problem-solve, build, explore, imagine, and create projects they love, all while learning a valuable skill set. Coding will grow with your child as they build their foundation and start making more complicated things. They can build robots, drones, websites, apps, games, and more.

Now that you know why your child should learn let’s look at some practical ways to teach and engage them.

Six Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Coding

  1. Start with the basics.  Don’t make it too complicated, and depending on the age of the child will determine just how basic. For younger kids, you can start with things like batteries or lightbulbs. Show them how it works and use these basic concepts to introduce more complex ones. Find some fun experiments and bring science to life.
  2. Encourage experimentation.  Let your child learn at their own pace, make mistakes, ask questions, and experiment with new ideas and concepts. There are plenty of fun games, apps, and coding courses for younger children that will smoothly introduce these concepts and help them recognize and fix their mistakes.
  3. Show them the creative side of coding.  Instead of focusing on the math aspect of coding, focus on the fun things you can create. Bring animations to life, build a robot, program a drone, or create an exciting presentation. Whatever your child loves, incorporate that into their learning experience.
  4. Get them new gear.  It would be easier to give them your old laptop or tablet, but that thing is so outdated and slow. Get them something new that is up to date and gets them excited about learning.
  5. Give them the right tools.  Learning and children is not a one-size fits all equation, and neither are the tools. Find the tools that engage and teach your child in the way that they learn best. There are so many games, apps, kits, courses, and online resources to help them.
  6. Find what drives their passions.  If your child loves LEGOs, get a fun LEGO kit. If they love robots, build a robot. You get the idea. Just learning boring codes would have your child bored and over it in five minutes, but the idea of creating something awesome will have them so excited to continue learning how to make the robot dance.

See how fun coding can be! It does not have to be a tedious, complicated experience. We hope they will figure out a fun project and bring their imagination to life. Here is a list of some other superb ideas to help coding be even more fun.

Helpful Live Courses for your Child

When choosing a course for your child, we highly recommend a live course, which means they are online with an actual instructor for the class.

This is beneficial because it keeps kids engaged, they can have all of their questions answered, and it is a more formal learning environment. Here are just a few of the most popular courses we offer:

  • Introduction to Coding: If your child has no prior experience, this is a great place to start. They will learn basic concepts, terms, and be introduced to coding in a fun interactive way. This course uses animated videos to make learning engaging and easy to understand.
  • Python for Kids: In this fun course, kids learn how to solve real world problems using a robot. Your child will program their robot to complete the challenges.
  • HTML/CSS:  For this course, no prior experience is needed, and is designed for kids ages 12-17. Kids will learn foundational information through videos, quizzes, and exercises to solve real-world problems. By the end, they will be able to write pure code without any help from tools or pre-made components.
  • Python Fundamentals: This course designed for kids ages 15-17 does not require any previous education. In just 16-weeks, your child will be taught the basics, build a foundation, and be able to write pure code. In the last two weeks, they will be tested by putting a project together all on their own.
  • Java FundamentalsThis course is designed for kids ages 15-17 with no prior experience that will teach them to write native Java using IDE. This course is perfect for kids interested in creating applications.

This list of courses should be enough to get your child started and excited about learning, and once they have mastered these we have other courses they can build upon.

Our instructors and faculty advisors are highly trained and qualified to give your child a well-rounded learning experience. Having an instructor on hand will also help minimize frustration and reduce the chances of them wanting to quit.


We hope you enjoyed learning about all the excellent ways coding can be beneficial to your child.

Remember to be patient with them, they will probably get frustrated along the lines, but this can be a tricky subject. Try setting an hour time limit and then taking a break to avoid too much frustration. Let them learn at their own pace, ask questions, and utilize the many online resources and chats if there is anything they cannot figure out themselves.

Keep it light and fun, and practice, practice, practice.