Differentiating Between Good and Bad Online Coding Classes for Kids

Published by UCode Research on May 25, 2022

So, how do you differentiate between good and bad online coding classes for kids? 

On the internet, you are going to find some good coding classes that will create a strong base of knowledge and skills for your child. But, you will also find mediocre coding classes that will confuse your child and perhaps kill their interest. How can you find the course that teaches your kids the basics of coding properly?. Let’s differentiate between good and bad online coding classes for kids.

Aspects of a Good Coding Course for Kids

Streamlined for Kids: The first thing you’ll see in a good course is that it’s specifically tailored toward kids. The English language ability of the student needs to be matched to the curriculum. This is the major point of failure for most younger students. Mom enrolls them in a course well above their comprehension and reading level.  

Formal Curriculum: Kids learn really fast. That is how they are wired. So they need a structured learning program – not a project-based curriculum where there is no index of core concepts. They need a curriculum that builds from the bottom up and introduces the fundamental computer science concepts. 

Self-Paced Pedagogy: Kids learn to code by coding. Some learn quickly and some kids take more time. But no one learns at an identical rate. So what happens when the instructor moves too slow? When does the instructor teach the slowest kid in the room? Boring. Everyone gets bored. So, look for courses that are self-paced – where kids learn at their own pace.

Assessment – If you don’t know where you are going, anyway will get you there. If the course is not assessed and comprehension measured then you are wasting your time. Get out of there. Now! There are lots of creative ways to assess learning, it does not have to be a test. But it does need to be measured against a baseline.

Instructors – Instructors are important, but not as important as curriculum. The best instructor cannot overcome the shortcomings of a poor curriculum

Online vs.In-Person- Two points here. They are staring at a screen working at their own pace. Where that screen is located makes NO difference to their learning. We know. We have the data. But they need socialization skills. Mom – an hour a week of coding instruction isn’t going to build socialization skills.  And you student is never going into an office. Those days are over. Why not learn to socialize online?

Final Thoughts

Make sure that the course you’re selecting is the right one. In the beginning, it’s extremely important that your child can grasp the basic concepts. Otherwise, they will lose interest before they even start.