How do you learn to develop iOS apps?

Published by UCode Research on May 13, 2022

How do you learn to develop iOS apps? Read on!

iOS is a dedicated operating system for use with all Apple mobile platforms. This means applications for use with iPhones, iPads and the more recent Apple watch. Apple approaches mobile application development in many different ways to its Android counterpart. it is important that a student understands the commonalities between the two platforms as well as the fundamentals of programming before diving into iOS development.

The process of developing, testing and releasing a mobile application is a learning topic in itself and can be a lengthy process. This is one of many barriers Apple has in place to ensure that all applications placed on the App store are of a high quality.

It is generally considered that the best place to start learning iOS development is from Apple’s own dedicated developer site at Here a learner can get familiar with the App deployment process and the stages of development needed before ever writing a single line of code. It is very important to understand this process to minimize frustration when learning mobile development. Once they are ready to dive in and start coding, there are numerous websites and blogs online which can accommodate a learner in building an application from the ground up. One of the most popular of these is, though there are many others, some of which also provide interactive coding challenges.

iOS Applications are generally written using either the Objective C or Swift languages, which are compiled using Apple’s native Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Xcode. This is free to download after registering with an Apple ID, though it is worth noting that this will only work on Mac operating system. While there may be many syntactic similarities between say, Python and the core iOS languages, there are many fundamental differences to consider. As with any programming language, the official documentation for each is the best place to start learning.

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