Best IDEs for Python for Kids

Published by UCode Research on Jul 24, 2022


What is the best IDE for Python for kids? An IDEs, or an Integrated Development Environment, is a tool that allows us to program in Python. Some are great for kids learning to code and some are too complicated. Here are some thoughts on which IDEs are best suited to kids coding in python.

If we’re talking about helping your kids learn Python, they need an environment that facilitates the learning experience. The right IDE can autocomplete lines of code, make debugging easier, build executables of your code, and make the language more understandable overall.

Here are three that are going to be perfect for your use case.


IDLE is the default IDE for Python, and despite its extremely simple user interface, it remains one of the best IDEs for Python for kids out there. There are a few technicalities that your child will have to understand. Firstly, they will need to learn to differentiate between the shell and the editor, which is pretty confusing for people at first. But, after that, things should get pretty simple for them, and they should be able to find their way around the editor. It’s simple but powerful.

PyCharm Coding For Kids

PyCharm is a neat-looking Python IDE and is regarded as the best one out there for complex projects. It’s easy to install, has a free version, has tons of plugins, shortcuts to help you work fast, and a huge community to help your kids in case they are having some difficulty with any part of the process.  

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code doesn’t exactly qualify as an IDE. But, the features it has brings it awfully close to one, which definitely justified a mention on our list. VS Code is a code editor which can attain the functionalities of an IDE through various plugins and extensions. Setting it up is a little complicated, and you might face some issues with it at first, but there are extensive YouTube tutorials on how you can attain your goal of setting up Python on VS Code. Furthermore, VS Code is completely free and open-source. Overall, VS Code is more lightweight as compared to PyCharm. However, it does lack a few features that are extremely desirable for coders.

Final Thoughts on the Best IDE’s For Python For Kids

Whatever the IDE is, your child could do a lot by learning how to code in Python. You should start them off with pretty much anything you can get your hands on. But, if you’re looking to make their lives a little bit easier, you should definitely consider getting one of the three IDEs we’ve mentioned above.