What Is The Benefit Of Coding Classes for Kids – Will They Really Help My Child?

Published by UCode Research on Jul 25, 2022

What is the benefit of Coding Classes for Kids? Let’s face it – coding classes for kids are a huge investment. Your kids are already going to school for 8 hours a day, then they have their homework, and all the other things that fill their lives.  But regardless of all the time commitments that kids have, many parents understand that coding classes for their kids are a worthwhile investment. So, in this post, we’ll be addressing the three things every parent needs to know about online coding classes for kids. 

Most Programmers are Self-Taught

In a study conducted in 2019, 70% of programmers working in the industry were never able to participate in a coding class in school. It is very difficult for schools to teach coding – as they do not have the curriculum, the instructors, or the assessment models. Sure, your expensive private schools can afford that $100,00 a year teacher to teach coding, but it is well outside the realm of public schools and charter schools. So, we learn on our own using resources like Code.org and private providers like UCode. 

Coding Classes For Kids Are Effective

What is the benefits of Coding Classes for Kids? One is that learning to code online allows kids to work independently. This means that students work at a pace that is comfortable for them which in turn keeps them engaged. Yes, instructors are there to support them, but our students take responsibility for their own learning. The important point here is you learn to code by coding. It is like learning to play the piano. You don’t learn to play well by listening to a teacher talk about music theory. No, you practice and with practice comes fluency.  It is the same for coding.

Specifically Tailored for Kids

One benefit of coding classes for kids is that the courses are specifically optimized for the age of the student and their English language level. Yes, you can find many coding courses on YouTube or Udemy. But, these videos assume that they’re teaching to an adult audience and are limited in their effectiveness. They are different than a coding course designed for kids.

More Effective Than In-Person Classes

Select courses are student-led, not instructor-led. Class sizes are small – on average 4 students to an instructor. And in our online classes, it is all about the student. There is no teacher sitting in the front of the room lecturing to a bored group of students. Instead, students log onto our custom Learning Management System and step by step, at their own pace, are introduced to fundamental computer science concepts, apply them in coding exercises and project steps, and then are assessed using different methods.

But My Child Likes In-Person Classes

Online coding classes for kids really are effective – more effective than in-person classes. We have the data to prove it. The world has changed. Most tech companies are now remote and they are not going back. Your student may never work in an office. So when we hear “My students want an in-person class”, what it often really means is that Mom wants a break, Mom wants a guilt-free babysitter. Because if Mom carefully thought about it she would recognize that there really is no advantage to in-person coding classes. Most of it is through a screen. The instructor-student interactions are essentially the same. Students are working on their own and so there are really limited interactions with their students.