Are Online Coding Classes for Kids Effective?

Published by UCode Research on May 25, 2022

Are Online Coding Classes for Kids Effective?   Yes, coding for kids is one of the most effective ways of teaching your kids at a young age. School-based learning isn’t that important in the world of programming. There are millions of highly skilled coders out there that don’t even have a formal degree in computer science or any relevant field. Instead, they went for the self-taught route and taught themselves everything worth learning in the domain of coding. So, the question is, what does this look like for kids? How are online coding courses helpful for them? Here are three ways why learning coding through online courses is better for your kids as compared to school-based learning.

Helps Your Kids Stay in their Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are bad. As adults, we’re constantly told to step outside our comfort zones and instead do things that are out of these zones. But, when we’re talking about children, comfort zones are the place where they are able to focus the most. There’s no one-on-one interaction with the instruction, and the kids will be able to take the lessons from the comfort of their own homes. They don’t necessarily need to go to school separately or take time out for an instructor to come to their home. It’s extremely convenient, and they thrive in an environment where their comfort is being taken care of.

Allows Your Kids to Learn at Their Own Pace

The pace is extremely important for kids. The extremely critical part here is to realize that every kid has their own pace while most of them are still discovering their own. This is why some children thrive in a class under a certain instructor while others struggle at the same time. Online coding lessons are an asynchronous mode of learning. They allow your kids the freedom to learn in their own time. This can be in the middle of the night, early morning at 6 AM, or in the middle of the day when they return from school. Furthermore, one of the pros of asynchronous courses is that they can forward and rewind as much as they like. Are they having trouble understanding a certain concept? No problem! Just rewind the video and go over it a second time.

Teaches Your Kids the Art of Learning Programming

Learning programming is unlike any skill that you’ll learn in your life. It’s extremely difficult in terms of the mental effort and dedication you have to put into it. And, most of the learning you do isn’t going to be in a classroom. It’s going to be on Reddit, StackOverflow, YouTube, and Udemy. So, by getting your kids started with coding courses online, you’re setting them up for a lifelong journey of self-teaching, a skill that even a lot of adults don’t have. 

Closing Thoughts: Are Online Coding Classes for Kids Effective?

Online coding lessons are a proven method of helping kids learn how to code. It’s an effective mode of learning that will prove to be in your child’s best interest. So, what are you waiting for? Get your child signed up for a coding course today!