Advanced JavaScript

For Ages 12 - 17



During the formative years of the Web, web pages could only be static, lacking the capability for dynamic behavior after the page was loaded in the browser. There was a desire in the burgeoning web development scene to remove this limitation, so in 1995, Netscape added dynamic elements to Netscape Navigator, then the dominant web browser. They called the new language, JavaScript which has caused confusion, as it has no relationship to the Java programming language.


Since that time, JavaScript has followed a circuitous path to become an eco- system with extensive libraries and frameworks, and increased usage of JavaScript outside of web browsers. Whether it's the fancy scroll effects and animations that are on a web page, the information streams that appear when you browse social media, or the dashboard you use to check your finances, all of it is powered by JavaScript. The language has become so popular, many use it to build mobile and desktop applications and JavaScript it has since grown into the most commonly used programming language available today.


In this course, the follow on to HTML/CSS, students add dynamic elements to web pages and are introduced to the basics of 2D animation using JavaScript. Upon completion of this course, students may progress to Advanced JavaScript or begin to master Python in Python Fundamentals.

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