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What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and a growing number of families are recognizing its importance and relevancy in today’s tech-filled economy.

What is computational thinking?

Computational thinking is the process of solving a problem, and consists of knowing how/when to employ various computing tools, at which stage, and organizing and analyzing data in a logical manner.

Why should my child or teen learn to code? Why choose UCode?

Coding not only serves as a catalyst for developing a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, it also serves as a conduit to exercising and strengthening core skills: creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, mathematics, and self-confidence.

UCode offers aspiring game developers and programmers dedicated, project-based learning led by our Super Teachers in a pressure-free pace environment. Learn more

Does my child need to bring their own laptop or tablet?

No – we provide each student with an individual computer, though you child may bring their own laptop if they choose.

Does UCode use PCs or Macs?

We provide Macs at our centers. Your child may bring their own laptop, Mac or Windows, for classes and camps. Except for iPhone/iPad/tvOS/watchOS/iOS app camps and curricula. We use software, like Xcode, that is exclusive to Mac OS X.

What experience do UCode instructors have?

UCode instructors variously have a B.S. in Computer Science or similar STEM degree, are working on their B.S. or attending graduate courses.  All UCode instructors are certified in UCode courseware to teach students in the 6-18 age group.

Will my child (6-12 years old) be mixed in with teens (13 - 18 years old), or vice versa?

In some cases, students of different ages will be taught in the same group.

Does my child or teen need previous experience with coding to get started with UCode?

No – we welcome kids and teens of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

How do I know my child or teen is learning?

UCode students demonstrate learning by completing projects of successively increasing complexity.  Students are encouraged to demonstrate their coding to show their accomplishments to fellow classmates.  Progress is communicated to parents daily. Project work is documented and provided to parents in video form and depending on the project, an app for their Android smartphone!

After UCode, will my child or teen be able to work with real-word coding?

UCode prepares students with the knowledge and experience to 1) improve their chance of admittance to colleges and universities by showing experience from real-world coding curriculum completion on their applications, and 2) being productive in college and university STEM classes from day one, bypassing the need for introductory programming classes.


When and where are UCode Tech Camps offered?

We offer camps primarily during summer (June through August) with some camps offered during winter and spring school breaks.

Can my child attend the same camp more than once?

Yes – many of our camp students love a certain camp so much that they continue to attend it year after year.

What if my child’s schedule changes. Can I switch to a different camp?

Yes, you may switch to a different camp up to 48 hours prior to the start of your newly selected camp IF spots are still available.

Please contact your UCode Campus Director to change camp dates.

Who do I contact if I need to reach my child while he/she is in camp?

Please contact your Campus Director.  Click here to view your Campus Director’s phone number by campus.

Does UCode provide lunch?

No – campers bring their own, non-refrigerated lunch (parents know best when it comes to their child’s nutrition and likes/dislikes).

NOTE: To ensure the safety of all students, nut-based lunches or snacks are prohibited.

Does UCode provide snacks? If yes, what type?

Yes, we provide healthy, nut-free snacks such as Popchips, dried fruit, granola bars, Graham crackers, etc.

Campus Classes / Membership

What type of campus memberships does UCode offer?

UCode offers month-to-month, 6-month, and 1-year campus memberships based on 2 or 5 hours per week. Learn more

How does lunch work?

Campus students may elect to bring their own non-peanut-based lunch. At the student’s discretion, they may select a period during the day to eat their lunch in a designated eating area.

Do you provide snacks? If yes, what type?

No. However, students may choose to redeem their UCoins for snacks of their choice.