About Us

At UCode, your child not only learns to be proficient in coding, but also builds skills in computational thinking.
By learning to code, your child will develop a deeper understanding in traditional school subjects such as Science and Math.
We are curriculum based - not project based - with clear learning objectives and formalized assessment.
Our curriculum has been developed with guidance from Cornell Engineering faculty. We use an experiential approach to learning that allows students to immerse themselves in real-world problems. It is a powerful approach to teaching coding, and enhances understanding of math and science.
We teach Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. All of which are used extensively used in the commercial world. Google and Facebook are built on Python, as are many of the libraries driving AI and machine learning. HTML/CSS and JavaScript are 3 of the core technologies that power the Internet.
Students learning coding through UCode's curriculum
How best to prepare your student for a future so different today?
Code them for Success at UCode.