Teaching Kids To Code Since 2009

UCode began in Manhattan Beach, CA. in 2009 and found a receptive group of families who supported us in the early days. The business took a step forward when Elon Musk asked us to teach his sons to code and then invited us to set up the coding and math programs at the SpaceX School.

Shortly thereafter, we merged with a coding academy who had been working on curriculum with faculty at Cornell University’s Engineering School. The focus was on building computational skills in early learners. We loved that!

Today, most of our students study online. We have small class sizes and honestly there has been no fall off in learning versus in-person programs. We have the data.

We also work with schools and educators in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin and Shanghai and operate Spanish language programs online in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Welcome to UCode!

Choosing The Right Course?

Christy details how UCode courses are organized into “streams” by age and suggests that you speak with an Academic Director before choosing a course.

Did you know that Christy has a degree from Carnegie Mellon University? Ot that Scott, our Founder, is currently enrolled in the PHD program for Artificial Intelligence at USC? Or that Michael (CEO) and David (Director) both went to Stanford?

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