MineCraft Hacking

MineCraft Hacking

Age is 10 to 17

Course Description

MineCraft Hacking is a course for paid Members who wish to build their MineCraft Skills. The course consists of 5 classes of 60 minutes duration,with each class taking you deeper into advanced functions available in MineCraft. There is also a 60 minute Open Lab each week dedicated to MineCraft following the class.


Command Blocks and Redstone are quite advanced parts of Minecraft, they can be difficult to understand at first, but in this course you will learn how to use them and make cool builds! Command blocks allow you to enter a new, more technical part of MineCraft which allows you to modify and tinker with your world in ways not allowed by the basegame. Redstone is part of MineCraft, however we will be showing you some advanced ways to use them including making logic gates, circuits, and other awesome contraptions.


Command Blocks must be given to the user through a command used in the text chat in Creative mode in the game itself. Once placed, the command block itself can be interacted with similarly to a crafting table or furnace, except with a more advanced interface. The various buttons and command lines within the GUI each have a unique function and mastering all of them takes some time. Redstone mastery also requires learning, making complex machines and traps, hidden bunkers and automated farms; all of these will take time to master.


With Command Blocks and Redstone you can truly achieve cool things, depending on their arrangements, configurations, and other factors.The possibilities are truly endless. In addition to the expansive nature of these blocks, you can combine the worlds of Redstone and Command Blocks to create intricate and powerful in-game machines.CommandBlocks are similar to a real programming language in that they can cater toboth new learners and veterans alike. Overall,Command Blocks are a great tool andcan help you understand coding better,Redstone can help with your logic and understanding of computers. Once you do learn the basics, the sky's the limit when itcomes to what you can make!

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Sun Jan 31 2021 03:00 PM PST - 05:00 PM PST10 seats available
Sun Feb 07 2021 03:00 PM PST - 05:00 PM PST11 seats available

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Do classes for new students start every week?

Courses are student led and self-paced. You simply join a class that is convenient for you and our instructors will pick it up from there. During your first class you will have a instructor who works directly with you one on one to introduce the curriculum and get you started. When you are rolling along, you will join the standard class.

What If my student has previous coding experience?

A Academic Director will meet you to understand your learning goals, your previous coding experience and which course you are interested in pursuing. They will “level” you into the correct starting point in the curriculum you are pursuing.

Are Membership refundable if I cancel?

Memberships are non-refundable. If you fail to cancel prior to the subscription renewal date, we will not refund you. No exceptions.

What If I miss a class?

You may make up a class in the same billing cycle. For example, if you miss Tuesday’s class you may take the same class on Thursday as long as it is prior to your monthly subscription renewal date.

Are your courses certified? Can I earn college credit?

Our courses are certified by a non-profit educational institution that serves to certify coding programs for primary school, middle school and high school courses.

What if I enroll two children? Is there a discount for siblings?

No. Unfortunately at this low price, the economics do not allow us to offer a sibling discount.

Can I Cancel my Membership?

You may Cancel at anytime by logging onto and cancelling from the Settings section. Subscriptions must be cancelled by the end of the business day prior to the subscription renewal date.

How long does it take to finish a course?

Generally, one academic semester to finish a course, although it does depend on the age of the student and the course.

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