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  • UCode teaches kids and teens from 8 to 19 years old how to write software

  • Custom project driven curriculum with individualized instruction led by teachers

  • Average 5:1 student to instructor ratio with personalized 1:1 instruction

“What I think I’ve seen is her become more confident and feel comfortable and feel like she has something that is her own thing.”

Jennifer—UCode Parent


We also like to call them Super Teachers.

A little cheezy? Perhaps. But step inside a UCode campus near you and you’ll start to see and understand what we see: a committed group of tech-driven individuals going through extraordinary lengths to not only ensure each and every student grasps any given concept, but that they do so in a comfortable, safe environment without pressure nor judgement.

You’d have to admit, that’s quite super.

Meet Our Instructors

“I like the teachers here a lot because they interact with you and help us if we need it. And they actually make us figure out what we did wrong, and if we can’t they help us.”

Marissa—UCode Student


  • Individualized instruction

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Friendly environment

  • Students master visual scripting, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Xcode/Swift, Java, Clojure, Haskell, and Rust

  • Project based curriculum brings creativity to life

  • One of the largest coding schools for kids & teens

“He is definitely problem solving differently, he’s talking about things differently, he’s thinking about story differently and planning out the order of things.”

Tiffany—UCode Parent


UCode was founded in 2012 by Scott Mueller, a computer science graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His initial foray into education occurred when his son, Ken, was 4 years old. Scott felt an enormous obligation to ensure his son was stimulating all areas of his mind in order to maximize the window of opportunity when a child’s brain is still growing. So he taught Ken typical subjects like math and english but then tried coding and Scott quickly realized that Ken attained the same level of intellectual exercise with programming as he did with long calculus proofs.

Read more and see videos of Ken doing Calculus