Coding classes
for kids that teach
computational thinking skills and creative problem-solving

Nationally recognized program. Developed by some of the Best Minds at Cornell University

The next 20 years will bring tremendous change to our children's lives. Creativity, problem solving, and the ability to think computationally are critical skills for a future where AI and robots will do most jobs better than any person.

Is Your Child Prepared?

UCode offers coding classes for kids ages 6 to 16 that teach computational thinking skills that unlock the power of creative problem-solving

Creativity involves finding hidden patterns, making novel connections between unrelated ideas, and generating new solutions to problems. These are precisely the skills kids build when they learn to code.

UCode students develop a deeper understanding of traditional school subjects such as Math and Science, while building the skills that they need to Succeed in the Future.

Code Your Child For Success!


Coding For Kids

Ages 9 and up

Students Learn To Code Python while developing strong foundations in computational thinking, logic and creative problem solving. And its fun!


Courses For

Early Learners

RoboFun introduces students to the foundations of computer science and coding using robots as a learning platform. The course is designed specifically to accelerate a child's abilities in problem solving and creative thinking while fostering independence

Programming Academy

Coding Courses

For Teens

"Live" Online and In Center Instruction

Looking to help your Teen build their resume for college? Click below to learn more about our courses and Cornell Certification

Nationally Recognized

Developed with help from some of the top minds at Cornell University

Kids don't learn to code from a book. They learn by doing, by taking risks and making mistakes. That's exactly how we teach coding. Our experiential curriculum allows students to passionately tackle a challenge and get their hands dirty while stretching the limits of their abilities. And did we mention robots?

Now in its fifth generation. UCode has the leading curriculum for teaching computational thinking and coding

Learning Outcomes

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Code in Python

Students are introduced to Python, a leading coding language used around the world. They learn syntax, basic logic flow, and real-world applications for the language

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Computational Thinking

Students take apart and analyze complex, real-world problems; in the process, they build a strong foundation of computational thinking skills

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Experiential Problem Solving

Students learn how to learn by dissecting challenging problems and then trying a range of solutions to find the one that's most effective. Did we mention that they'll be programming robots? Yes. They'll get to play with robots

Low Floor, High Ceiling Approach

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Progress Reviews

Student progress is reviewed weekly against a standard learning progression to see if they're doing better or worse than average

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Curriculum Levels

Instructors then "level" the curriculum up or down to match the progress of the student, meeting them where they are

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The Net Result

The net result is that students learn much faster than in a one-size-fits-all classroom format

The Next 20 years will bring tremendous change to our children's lives. Yet our schools are preparing our students for yesterday's economy

We will equip your student with the Foundation required to Succeed in the Algorithmic Economy. That's our promise to you as a partner in your child's education

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